Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry for the delay.

January was a busy brewing month. Tom and I brewed up a double batch one weekend -- a Belgian strong ale and a cream ale using some cherry infused whiskey I found at my parent's place over the holidays. The cherry infused whiskey was a recipe they'd use with the cherries from the tree in the back yard. I believe the recipe was something like this:

1 cup whiskey
1 cup sugar
1 cup cherries

let sit for 6 months. Enjoy.

The cherries were removed about 15 years ago, and the decanter sat untouched since then. We threw a vanilla bean in while it sat in the primary and added the infused cherry vanilla whiskey to the secondary.

Both were delicious, but the crowd favorite was the Belgian. I did really enjoy the cherry cream ale though.

Next was a Maarzen recipe that was brewed at the end of February and kegged in March. Unfortunately, the carbonation was a bit off on the early attempts (after 5 hours of kegging), but mellowed over time. A nice beer that was very quaffable.

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